Versatile, Compact, Rugged & Easy To Operate Instrument To Determine Moisture Content In Liqids & Solids

Salient Features

  • Auto titration Control
  • Separate Control & Titration Units
  • Auto Zero Burette
  • Adjustable Timer
  • Visual & Audible Alarm
Technical Specification Control Unit
Detector Array of 10 LEDs
Range Adjustable Timer
Resolution Yes
Accuracy 1-50mg of water
Sample System 0.05 ml.
Light Source Dual  Platinum
Power RUN, ADD, END Display in automode
Accessories Current sensing  by  electronic  control


Titration Unit
Titration cell Air tight 200 ml.
Stirrer Variable speed magnetic Stirrer with On/Off control
K.f. Flow Automatic Sensitive Control Value for KF Reagent
Burette Burette Pressure filling auto zero burette with 0.05 ml. resolution
Power 230V+10PHz, AC