Low Noise. Fitted with vacuum legs for better griping on table. Vibration free. C.F.C. Free refrigeration. High Quality Compressor

Bench Top Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge Machine. Heavy duty C.R.C. construction finished with powder coating. Stainless Steel centrifugal bowl for extra protection and easy cleaning. Fitted with well balanced universal motor with having carbon brushes. 2 lines, 20 characters. LCD Display for set time, run time set and run r.p.m., rcf. Digital Timer 0-59 minutes. Programmable Speed Regulator from 2000 to 16000 r.p.m. in variation of 100 r.p.m. Safety lid lock. P.I.D. Electronic digital temperature controller cum indicator is fitted to control the temperature of centrifuge bowl from room temp. up to -20°C and shuts off the cooling compressor within accuracy of + 1°C in stand by mode. Means only the centrifuge bowl is cooling and centrifuge motor is in stand by mode. Temp. Accuracy when motor is also running is ± 2°C

Supplied complete with following angle rotor heads to accommodate polypropylene micro Centrifuge tubes (eppendorf Tubes as well)

Adopters to accept 1.5 ml. Eppendorf micro-centrifuge tubes.