• Perfectly suitable for mixing blood samples, viscous substances and liquid-solid suspensions.
  • Driven by a motor, which spins liquid samples speedly
  • Non-slip rollers enable to work with peace of mind and compact design makes the equipment easily fit anywhere in lab or even in field work.
  • Can run continuously for many hours unattended.

Technical Specification Control Unit

Roller Size 230v, 50Hz / 110v, 60Hz, AC
Mains Input 30 RPM / 36 RPM
RPM 15 to 20 Minutes
Mixing Time 2.0 Kg. Net
Capacity Vacutainer 6 Nos.(of -4 ml.) Or Bulb of 5 ml. x 15  No. Or Vacutainer 12 Nos.(of -4 ml.) Or Bulb of 5 ml. x 24 No.