High quality, single pan precision balances for fast weighing; weight loading knobs and read out panel on the front upper portion for convenience and easy of use. Painted metal case with sliding glass doors allowing easy access to the weighing pan and long objects can be accommodated easily.

Simple, Accurate, with Long Life.

Single Pan Balances

Technical Specifications –

  1. Principal – Substitution of weights.
  2. Vernier Scale -10 Vernier Scale division =9 main scale division.
  3. Screw Gauge-1 main Scale division =100 screw gauge division.
  4. Zero adjustment – The initial coarse adjustment.
  5. Projection Scale – Graduated from zero to 110th division.
  6. Built-in Weights – of non-magnetic alloy.
  7. Damping – Simple air damping.
  8. Knife edges – of artificial jewels.
  9. Projection Device-illumination by 6V screw type bulb with the help of the objective and mirror.
  10. Weighing Pan-stainlesssteeldiameter125mm.; height215 mm.
  11. Outer Case – Aluminium sheet, in powder coated paint finish, and front glass cover, width x depth x height 245 x 395 x 425 mm.
  12. Weighing chamber- width x depth x height 225 x 175 x 240 mm.
  13. Transformer-Built in step down suitable for 220 Volts A.C. input.
  14. Electrical Power – 220/240V single phase, 50 Hz A.C.