For a class B & C fire. It takes less than 10 seconds to activate a DCP fire extinguisher by a simple three step activation process. With easy pull to unlock the seal with the light pressure. By pulling the lever down with a simple palm action and release depresses the plunger there by activating the cartridge. Direct the hose at the base of fire and gently pressing the lever a second time releases the powder directly into the fire. User can direct it in different directions and fight multiple fire points without wasting precious extinguishing agent. A used/unused indicator shows if the extinguisher is usable or not. With sticker and clear graphic symbols   Deep drawn body with a single weld line reducing the potential area of weakness. Cylinder is lead tin-plated from both inside and outside and then coated with antitrust expoxy paint for through protection against corrosion. Each cylinder is pressure tested at 35 Kg/cm2 for safety. Cartridge tested up to 250 Kg/cm 2 and  lead-tin plated both from inside  outside and then powder coated on the outside. Each cartridge with accurate CO 2 filling.

Technical Specification

For 5kg. For 10kg.
Diameter of container 150 mm. 175 mm.
Height including fitting 465 mm. 600 mm.
Discharge Time 14 Sec. 22 Sec.
Gross Weight 10.4 kg. 17.9 kg
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