Hence we are the sole manufacturer of Paper Chromatography Kit in the world. We have also applied for its patent. It is required in Colleges, Medical Colleges, and Research Institutes for detection of RF Value.
Technical Parameter
Paper Chromatography Cabinet: It is made of single piece bakelite moulding. The inner size of cabinet is 6 x 8 x 9” with front sliding glass door. The lid of cabinet is also made of bakelite.
4 Stainless Steel Solvent Pot: It is made of 316 Quality S.S. It is having the volume capacity of 150 ml. It is required to hold the solvent mixture.
4 Stainless Steel Hanger: It is a stainless Steel rod of size 6” and dia 2 mm. It is used as hanger of Chromatography paper. It fits inside the grooves of the cabinet.
4 Chromatography Paper “1-Chro”: It is the world standard Chromatography paper. A smooth surface, 0.18 mm. thick with linear flow rate (water) of 130 mm. /30 min. Good resolution for general analytical Separation and
Having following special features: Simultaneous development of multiple samples on the same sheet under identical conditions. Sequential development of the same sample with solvent or different concentrations of the same solvent. Suitability for two-dimensional chromatography (change in direction of the solvent front) with possible improved resolution.
Drying Stand: One stand is supplied to accommodate processed (wet) Chromatography paper and to put it in oven to dry the same.
4 Glass Sprayer with Rubber Balloon: The sprayer is made of Borosilicate Glass, specially designed for spraying the indicators on Chromatography Paper. A rubber balloon is connected to it.
4 Glass Syringe: Glass syringe capacity 20 ml. is provided to draw the solvent from S.S. Pot after practical is over.
4 TLC Capillary: Pkt. of 25 high quality fine capillaries are supplied with cabinet