Versatile to handle any clinical procedure, Incubation, Agglutination and most of Serological, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical procedures. Sturdy, double walled construction, inner chamber of stainless steel or brass and outer of mild steel finished with staving white enamel. Gap between two filled with glass wool for proper insulation to avoid heat losses. A perforated platform of aluminium protects the heater. Pyramidal shape cover with a backlite knob for easy lifting. Heated by immersion heating element. Temperature controlled by capillary type thermostat range 30 oC to 65oC with an accuracy of ± 1oC. Front panel having temperature control knob graduated in centigrade degrees, ON/OFF switch and two indicator lamps. Complete with a connector plug and 1.5 m. three core cable for working on 220 V, 50 Hz AC. Size –

Cat. No.

Chamber size mm. Rack

Cap. Ltr.


300 x 175 x 175 1 rack

12 Ltr.


300 x 250 x 175 2 rack

14 Ltr.


375 x 300 x 175 4 rack

18 Ltr.


455 x 300 x 175 6 rack

25 Ltr.


605 x 300 x 175 8 rack

32 Ltr.


  • Microprocessor PID digital temperature Indicator cum controller
  • Stirrer with 1/20 Hp motor with stainless steel rod & blade
  • Auto cut off device when water level is low