Natural specimens, positioned and dry mounted in glass top wooden display containers of size 230 x 305 mm.

(a) Classification of Plant Kingdom Various specimens to cover all plant groups.

(b) Dispersal of seeds and fruits By wind (size 350 x 450 mm).

(c) Dispersal of seeds and fruits By animal.

(d) Dispersal of seeds and fruits By water.

(e) Types of roots – Various types.

(f) Modification of roots – Various types.

(g) Types of stems – Various types.

(h) Modification of stems – Various types.

(I) Leaf shapes simple type – Various types.

(j) compound leaves – Various types.

(k) Leaf – Venation, Margin.

(l) Leaf Modification – Various types.

(m) Stipule types

(n) INflorescence – Racemose Type

(o) INflorescence – Cymose type.

(p) Types of capsular fruit – Various specimens.

(q) Pollination

(R) Types of fruits and seeds Achenial and Schizocarpic.

(s) Tendril Climber Different Types.

(t) Collection of XerophytesDifferent Types.

(u) Classification of fruits Various Types.

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