Compression testing Machines are the finest of their types available. Their rugged construction and extreme simplicity makes it possible to operate them with ease and complete dependability.
Compression Testing Machines calibrated with an accuracy of ± 1% as per the requirement of 1828(Grade A) These machines are available in 50 kN, 100 kN, 500 kN, 1000 kN, 2000 kN, 3000 kN, & 5000 kN Capacities.
Compression Testing Machines Classification :
• Analogue models.
• Digital models.
Features of Compression Testing Machines are :
• Highly stable.
• Self-aligning platen assembly.
• Load Gauges are calibrated in Kn against certified Proving Rings, traceable to MSME / NCCBM.
• Suitable for testing cubes and cylinders of various sizes, Cubes from 50 mm.³ to 300 mm.³ Cylinders from 100 mm. to 300 mm.
• Logged data printing facility through a parallel port Interface available in digital base models.
Pace rate (display only ) available in Digital models.
Digital Models:
2000 KN compression testing machine consists of a steel base and cross head welded along side with heavy-duty plates. The hydraulic
loading jack is fixed on the base and lower platen rests entrally on the jack. The upper platen is attached to the head plate. The upper platen has got a spherical seating for a self-aligning action. For adjusting the vertical day light spacers are used as per the specimen height requirement. Micro safety switch has been incorporated within digital display unit assembly, which will switch off the motor when load is between 1800-1850 kn to avoid overloading of the loading frame.
Main Specifications:
Maximum Testing Force : 2000kn
Max. Vertical Clearance (mm.) : 315
Max. Horizontal Clearance (mm.) : 315
Load Display : 4 Digit Digital
Platen Size (mm) : 220 mm. Square
Piston Diameter (mm.) : 205
Piston Travel (mm.) : 50
Motor Power (HP) : 1 hP/Threephase
Net weight (kg.) : 600

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