Instrument Set for A.O. Type Condylar Plates

(i) Seating Chisel Holes, For prepairing blade channel for adult angled blade plate with U-profile Shaft and blade width 16mm.
(ii) Impactor
(iii) Slotted Hammer
(iv) Triangular Positioning Plates, Standard Size approx. 90mm Long, Size for Children approx. 45mm Long.
(v) Drill Sleeve for Long Plates.
(vi) Chisel Guide, With adjustable angle.
(vii) Inserter – Extractor, For adult angled blade plates with adjustable angle (Use only Combination Wrench to fix and loosen screws)
(viii) Condylar Plate Guide, Corresponds to the shape of Condylar Plates to determine optimum setting of the plate director of seating Chisel.
(ix) Tripple Drill Guide with Fixed Angle, Angle 300 for all Angled Blade Plates and as attachment for Conylar Plate Guides (use Drill Bit 4.5mm diameter)