A Compact and Easy to Handle Microscope with Excellent Performance Priced within one’s budget but with many features

normally found in expensive models. Designed for years of rugged use, with fully coated optics of high quality.

Salient Features :

► Eyepiece 10 x widefield and 15 x Hyg.

► Quadruple revolving nose piece with 4 x, 10 x, 40 x S.L. and 100 x S.L. Oil immersion objectives.

► Focussing by separate coarse and highly sensitive graduated fine focussing knobs.

► Fixed mechanical stage size 120 x 120 mm for X & Y movement of side upto 50 x 75 mm with graduated scale and vernier.

► Substage condenser N.A.1.3 moving up and down through rack and pinion.

► Illumination by a plano-concave mirror which can be replaced by substage lamp working on 6 V 20 W, 220 V 50 Hz.

► Magnification 40 to 1500 x.

► Horse shoe shaped, hinged stable base.

► With inclination joint to inclined microscope for easy viewing even when seated.

► With focus stop to prevent slide damage.

► Supplied complete with a cleaning cloth, dust cover in a wooden storage cabinet having lock and  key facility.

Model: SMM-39