To cut thin sections with simple and easy rotary movement which makes long time, continuous working tireless and convenient. With superior adjustments components for long life and smooth working. Provides jerk-free, uniform sections down to 1 micron. Fully protected internal mechanism as encased in a hinged cover saving it from grit and moisture. Heavy base with solid rubber feet makes it stable while working.

Precise and accurate feed range mechanism, razor holder and object carrier etc. Feed mechanism fabricated to advance the object block in such a precision increments that tissue can be sectioned down to 1 micron thickness. Feed release automatically disengages on reaching the maximum limit. Indicator, graduated in microns is located on front of the instrument. Provided with a safety locking device in the advance wheel when razor or specimen block needs to be changed or when the machine is not in use.  Block and razor holder can be adjusted at any desired angle or place. Double wedged razor of fine grain tool steel, heat treated and tested for microstructures for long time sharpness. Razor with a hollow back and solid removable handle for safe handling and adjustments. Return wheel is with a handle which permits rapid movement of block holder and the attached mechanism, forward and backward within the working distance of microtome. Razor holder with fine lateral movements to permit use of complete knife edge to 120mm and also with adjustments to set at required angle. In wooden box with operational & maintenance manual.

Technical Specification

Feed adjustment

1-50 microns in steps of 1 micron

Total feed excursion

28 mm.

Opening of object clamp

37 x 25 mm.

Overall Dimension (w x d x ht)

400 x 250 x 225 mm.  Approx


Approx. 28 kg

Standard accessories supplied as above.

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