For precise sections of cutting tissue blocks embedded in paraffin  by smooth and easy rotary movement with a wheel. Facilitates long time continuous working with minimum tireness and effort. Provides jerk-free and uniform thin sections down to 1 micron. Long life, with minimum wear and tear but routine maintenance. Durable, robust construction with internal mechanism fully protected as encased in a sturdy metallic hinged cover, thus safe from moisture and dust. Heavy base with solid rubber feet provides stability to machine during working.

Razor of fine grain tool steel, heat treated and tested for micro structures. Razor is of double wedge pattern to maintain optimum long time sharpness. Accurate and precise razor holder with lateral movement to permit use of complete knife edge of 120 mm. Angle of razor can be set at any required degree. Razor with a hollow back and a solid removable handle for safe handling.

Object holder provide movement in various directions for setting the block holder in the required alignment of the razor.  Feed range is enough to cut sections upto 25 microns in steps of 1 micron each. precise and graduated knob in microns provided in front of the machine for convenient setting of the thickness of sections to be cut. Return wheel permits rapid movement of the block holder and the attached mechanism, forward and backward within the working distance of the microtome. Mass approx. : 20 Kg. Supplied packed in wooden box with operational and maintenance manual.

(a) Razor 120 mm with back and handle – one

(b) Object holders set of three – one set

(c) Honing plate                – one

(d) Oil can                          – one

(e) Dust cover                    – one

(f) Leather strop               – one

Optional : Independent safety razor blade holder (Extra cost).

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