Simple, versatile one of the best microtomes with outstanding performance  to the microtomists. For sectioning comparatively soft, wax embedded tissues with completely replaceable knife edges. Carries a wide choice of  specimen holders-cylindrical holders, standard and orientating, wood block holders for wax embedded specimens. Both standard knife holder and razor have a 100 tilt. Long ribbons of sections can be cut from specimens upto 20 mm in diameter and single sections from specimens upto 18 x 25 mm mounted on wooden blocks. The micron setting and return of feed mechanisms are simple and easy to operate. Heavy stable base supported by solid rubber feet for smooth working. Standard microtome knife with built in handle, fabricated out of fine grain tool steel for long life and perfect performance. In addition to this a safety blade holder can also be supplied as optional accessory as an independent disposable unit for changing the ordinary blade each time of sectioning session, thus avoiding expert, time consuming stone grinding and stropping of the standard razor which is a very slow and time consuming  work.

Technical Specification


2-24 microns in steps of 2 microns each
Overall Dimensions

370x175x175 mm. Approx w. x d. x h.


Approx. 9 kg.

Standard accessories provided with equipment :

(a) Standard razor with built in handle – one, (b) Object holders set of three – one set, (c) Honing plate- one, (d) Oil can – one, (e) Dust cover- one

Optional : Razor blade holder at extra price. Supplied in a wooden box with operational and maintenance manual.

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